Multipurpose Product Certificate is financing various consumer needs by guaranteeing property certificates (Houses, Shop Houses, Land & Buildings). PT Inti Artha Multifinance has more than 15 years experience in providing financing with certificate guarantees, we have handled more than 11,000 transactions, and have received 7 (7) Best Reward. Customers get services transparently and safely, a total of more than 1,200,000 customers spread throughout the territory of Indonesia expressed satisfaction with our services.

PT. Inti Artha Multifinance always prioritizes customer satisfaction and comfort.

1. Original house / shop house certificate (SHM / SHGB)

2. Original IMB

3. The last UN

4. Personal SPT report on behalf of the certificate owner

5. Husband + wife ID

6. KK of house / shop owner

  1. Call Us
    Contact us to consult and get more information with the Inti Artha Multifinance marketing team
  2. Data Preparation
    Prepare complete data needed to meet the requirements.
  3. Customer Agreement
    Bring the complete data that has been prepared, and come to our office which we will then process to the disbursement stage.