Newlyweds, Tips for managing finances after marriage


But do not be happy, yeah, it turns out that the newlyweds have many tasks / homework that must be prepared soon especially about how to regulate the financial condition going forward. Here are some tips for managing finances For newly married couples:

1. Nothing is covered up Committed to living life together until death separates, the husband and wife must be open to each other each other, and this time Mimin will discuss the openness of the couple about financial matters. Especially for couples both of which are still working, open the question of how much the salary / income, each other's debt.
Financial problems in a household are crucial, if they are open to one another in financial matters, then there is no more fuss about financial problems. Because according to personal admin there are still many tablets households that often fuss over financial problems, therefore better to prevent than cure No matter how small the income received by each partner is better open to each other, so that both partners can make careful future planning.

2. Make household financial planning rules hmmm ... looks like a company huh ?? but this is no less important. How to manage finances from each different companies, as well as how to manage the finances of each married couple. There is a husband entrusted his wife with financial problems, but there is also the opposite Well, it is better as a couple who are just running a household, must determine who will be the head finance, and plan what expenses are needed within a certain period. For example determine cooking / eating expenses for a period of 1 week.
Of course a healthy household is a household that can manage its finances in a healthy and orderly manner.

3. Determine financial targets Every husband and wife both have a master plan / plan for the future in financial terms. There are 2 types of planning which is usually done, short-term and long-term planning. For the short term, for example, planning to extend house or boarding contract. Planning for the long term as a fee for the baby to study later With the financial planning done early, then for you new couples can raise money early gradually.

4. Savings and investment A wasteful lifestyle like the single, it's better to avoid it for you newlyweds. Remember, it's time for you to plan going forward carefully.
It would be nice to change your lifestyle and mindset, start to have savings and investment. Now this is an investment can start from Rp 100,000.00, you don't need to be afraid anymore to make investments, along with technological developments there are many platforms that provide the means for us to invest Saving is certainly important, yeah, if you don't have savings how do you prepare your future ?? Especially if you already have the baby there will be many additional expenses.

5. Preparation of family protection funds Surely no one wants to be harmed or anything bad. But it would be nice if you newlyweds to have protection / insurance Be prepared for an umbrella before it rains, if God forbid if something unexpected happens like sickness or otherwise, this insurance will later cover expenditure during the healing period. Of course, this insurance will cover sudden expenditure of funds, you can imagine if suddenly having to pay big bucks will certainly be shaken and plans that you make carefully can be messy.

6. Evaluation of expenditure and income Yes, just like a company, you newlyweds must have household financial reports ... Keep a receipt / purchase receipt, which later to be recapitulated to find out in detail what you are spending. Just relax in this technological era, there are many financial applications that can be accessed by your smartphone online If your finances are healthy, then the burden of running a household will be lighter & you newlyweds can focus more live life going forward.